in Warsaw
Choose a bouquet
Our courier will deliver a bouquet of fresh flowers anywhere in Warsaw within 3 hours

Flowers she’ll love! 

Our florists will create a rare flower arrangement for you and wrap it in florist paper and Italian ribbons.

Flower subscription

Do you need a reason to surround yourself with beauty? We will deliver interior bouquets to you regularly!

The subscription period lasts 1 month, during which you will receive 2 or 4 deliveries of beautifully matched flowers for self-arrangement.

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Concierge service 

We know how easy it is to forget an important date when there is so much on your mind! Just tell us on which dates you want to honour your loved ones and we'll deliver bouquets on those dates.

Order concierge service
Stage 1

We create with you a calendar of important dates

Stage 2

Fill in information about bouquets and the receiver’s details

Stage 3

On the day of delivery, we will arrange with the receiver where and when to deliver the gift. 

Iris Flowers

An exclusive flower boutique at Browary Warszawskie, where you can enjoy a cup of your favourite drink while our florist prepares a floral arrangement for you


Owner of an exclusive floral atelier, creator of the first flower concierge service in Warsaw and mother of 3 children.

Irina Kaliadka

«Beauty and good service are what make our lives better. And what to say about special days when everything must be just perfect!

Iris Flowers Atelier is made for those who appreciate the beauty, who are used to choosing the best, for people like myself.»

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